Welcome to Unnatural Glow, a captivating sanctuary for those seeking awe-inspiring LED costumes inspired by the natural world. Imagine a gown that shimmers with every step, a suit that pulsates with vibrant colors, or a cape that illuminates the night. From the gentle glow of fireflies to the vibrant hues of deep-sea creatures, our costumes will transport you to a world of radiant enchantment.

Step into a world where fashion meets technology, where imagination merges with the ethereal beauty of bioluminescence through the artistry of costume design. Let your imagination run wild and collaborate with Maia to create a wearable masterpiece that will turn heads and ignite conversations. Whether you’re preparing for a next DJ set at a music festival, a TV or theater production, circus, or a photoshoot, we’ve got you covered.

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Custom Performance-Ready Fiber Optic Costuming

Where Fashion Meets Technology. Beautiful unique creations for events, installations and professional use.

LED Dresses & Bodysuits

One of our favourites! Custom fiber optic LED dresses and bodysuits that suit any occasion. Carefully crafted to suit the wearer, these pieces are all one of a kind.

LED Vests & Tops

Fiber optic vests & tops that are specifically designed for performance. These custom LED costume pieces will light up any event.


LED Capes & Skirts

Fiber optic capes & skirts that are designed for movement. The surreal effect created by the lights are unlike anything you've ever seen.

Prop Designs & Illuminated Costuming

Fiber optic props to add to party looks, Hallowe’en costumes or performances.

LED Mermaid Tail

Adding whimsy to your next themed gathering, this carefully crafted fiber optic mermaid tail illuminates and inspires.



The jellyfish fiber optic prop is sure to entrance anyone you encounter at your event. Designed to roam as ambient entertainment or be hung up as a unique & beautiful lightning installation.

Fiber Optic Witches Broom

"The space witch" fiber optic halloween costume is a one of a kind look that is easy to add your own accessories to.

Brands Maia has created custom props or costume designs for:

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